JustFax Online

An all platforms alternative to myfax

While faxing is becoming rare, there is an occasion where you just need to send a one time fax. This is our mission—send a one time fax online. And today we want to compare ourselves to our popular alternative—myfax.

No need for an account

Unlike myfax where you have to setup an account, JustFax works differently. All you have to do are 3 simple steps:

  1. Upload your fax
  2. Enter recipients phone number
  3. Pay and send

It’s easy, and takes less than 2 minutes. But if you want to create and account, setup a phone number, and prefer a longer overall process—you can use myfax.

Abolish the subscription model

Are you a home user? Maybe a power user? Do you want to pay $12 a month, or $25 month? If all you want is to just send a one-time fax—we got you covered. Our pricing model is flat rate. Yes! No subscription. No monthly fees. You pay for a one time fax, based on the number of pages. Unlike myfax, where you have to pay monthly fee, even if all you need is a one time online fax.

An e-fax solution in your pocket

Sometime, you just need to send a fax on the go. Both JustFax and myfax got you covered! But the only difference is that JustFax does not require a dedicated mobile app. Our website is fully responsive, and support all ranges of devices from smartphone, to tablets, to wide screen monitors. It’s a worry free solution for sending a one time fax.

Truly global

Like myfax, JustFax is available in 49+ countries. And the best of all is that we have a flat rate. So it doesn’t matter if you need to send a fax to your local hospital, or to your grandma abroad—we got you covered.


Online faxing solution are on the rise, even though faxing itself is an old technology. The market is filled with all kind of e-fax solutions, myfax among them. So if you want to create and account and commit to a monthly payment—choose myfax. But if you prefer a dead-simple approach to one time online faxing—don’t hesitate to use JustFax.