JustFax Online

An unattached alternative to eFax

Many players exist in the world of online faxing. eFax is one of them. However, contrary to eFax, JustFax.online offers a better package, which removes any commitment. Shall we dive into comparison?

No Account, No Worries

Remember the old good days when you were able to come to your local post office, and just send a fax? But it seems like everywhere we go today, you need an account. You need to create a password for your account. Remember this password. And if you forget it, you need to follow the reset procedure. While you only wanted to send a fax online.

This is the deal with many online services, including eFax. But JustFax is different. We don’t require you to register an account with us. Especially for a service like e-faxing, where you need to send a one time fax online.

Clear-Cut Pricing

How many subscriptions do you have? Go on, count them, we will wait?

Are you done yet? Maybe you want to add another one? We can recommend eFax if you want to have yet another subscription.

Or, you can use JustFax, where the pricing model is very simple. Yes, you’ve heard it right: simple, one time payment per fax. No subscription and no “2 months for free if you commit for a year in advance”. A simple, flat pricing for this one time fax you need to send.

An Online Fax Service in Your Pocket

Sometimes, you just need to send a fax on the go. Fancy an Android or iOS application? eFax has them.

But we at JustFax are committed to a simple experience—send a fax under 2 minutes. This is why you won’t find us on Google Play or Apple App Store. Instead, you just go to https://justfax.online, and send your fax. No matter what device you use: a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet—we’ve got you covered.

International Online Faxing

Just like eFax, with JustFax you can send a fax to 49+ countries around the world. Unlike eFax, our pricing is simple and flat, and available on our website.


Fax is an amazing technology. You can read more about the evolution of the fax on our website. And fax is not going anywhere. This is why we are committed to provide the most hassle-free experience to send a fax. Because you got better things to do than accumulating subscriptions and smartphone applications.

Start e-faxing today with JustFax.online