JustFax Online

A simple alternative to mfax

Some industries require certificates. This is what mfax.io has. But sometimes, all you need is to just send a fax, and this is where JustFax excels.

A dead simple online faxing

Online account are annoying. You need another password to remember, and worry that your account could be hacked. But with JustFax you don’t need to worry. Our goal is to provide a dead-simple online faxing. No need to create an account like mfax.io requires.

Flat rate

Imagine that you need to send an online fax, just this one time. What would you prefer: a subscription model, or just pay for the fax itself? If you need a subscription, then go with mfax.io—they have 4 different tiers! But if all you want is to just send a fax online, JustFax got you covered. Pay a flat rate, just for this one time fax.

Faxing on the go

mfax is a good product if you need to send a lot of faxes from your office. But if you just need to send a one time fax, no matter if you are at the office with your computer, or on the train with your phone—we got you covered! Our website is optimized for all devices, from mobile to desktop, so you can fax anywhere in the world.

Argentina? Check! Poland? Check! Denmark? Check!

JustFax is truly global! Unlike mfax.io, with JustFax you can send an online fax to 49+ countries! It doesn’t matter if you need to fax a police office in Germany, or a health professional in Poland—JustFax got you covered!


mfax.io is a very good product if you need certificates and sending faxes on a scale. But if you are a regular person, who got in the unfortunate position of needing to send a one time fax—JustFax is here to help. With JustFax, you can send an online fax in less than 2-minutes! No need to create an account, or commit to a subscription model. So start faxing now with JustFax.