JustFax Online

A modern alternative to FaxZero

FaxZero is a great faxing service. It even has a free plan. But free, usually, comes with strings attached. And we at JustFax, don’t like string.

Pay as you go

Yes, you can send a free fax with FaxZero. But it has limitations. We don’t like limitations. Our mission is to provide a simple online fax solution for people who need to send a one time fax. The last thing we want you to do, is to clutter your mind with thought like “should I include a branding on my faxes”, or “how many pages should I fax”? With JustFax, you pay as you go. No branding, and no limitations-because online faxing should be easy.

All major credit cards are accepted

At JustFax we adore simplicity. This is why with us, you can pay for your faxes using any payment method you want. We work with respected, and secure online payment providers, who support the majority of payment providers. Check out or FAQ to learn more about supported payment providers.

Modern and simple

Unlike FaxZero, JustFax is a modern solution optimized for the digital world of 2023. Our website is fully responsive and looks great on all mobile and desktop computers. Our interface is dead-simple and includes just 3 steps:

  1. Upload your fax file
  2. Enter your recipients phone number
  3. Pay and send your fax

And all this takes less than 2 minutes.


FaxZero is a great service, but it comes with limitations. If you don’t want to clutter your mind with limitations, consider faxing with JustFax. We give you simple way to send this one time online fax. So start faxing with JustFax.