JustFax Online

A clutter free alternative to HelloFax

Nobody likes clutter. Especially when you just want to send a one time fax online. This is why we created JustFax, a clutter free alternative to HelloFax.

Create an account? No way!

HelloFax is a great faxing service. But like any other online service, it requires an account. We believe that you don’t really need an account to send a one time fax. Our process takes less than 2 minutes:

  1. Upload your fax file
  2. Enter your recipients phone number
  3. Pay and send your fax

Your time is worth more than creating yet another online account.

One payment time or subscription?

Subscriptions are everywhere. And if you like collecting them, then HelloFax might be a service just for you. But if all you need is to just send an online fax, maybe it’s better to pay one time? With JustFax it’s possible! We charge a one time fee per fax, no hidden costs, and no subscriptions.

Simply international

HelloFax has a great international support, but your faxes are not equal among countries. We believe in simplicity, this is why with JustFax you pay flat rate per fax. No need to do complex calculation to understand what will be the cost of your fax. Our pricing is very simple.


If you like subscriptions, and accounts—then give HelloFax a try. If you, however, prefer simplicity without compromises—JustFax is here to help. No need to create an account, or commit to a subscription model. Just send your fax. It takes less than 2 minutes! So what are you waiting for? Start faxing with JustFax!